2014 LAN Party Schedule

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2013 LAN Party Schedule

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2013 LAN Party

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2012 LAN Party Schedule

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2011 LAN Party Schedule

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We are collaborating with WWCC to do a LAN party in the College Atrium!

It will start at 4PM on November 12th. Bring your own computers, monitors, and games. Food will be provided, however not allowed near equipment.

There is an age limit. You must be 16 to participate.

See you there!

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2011 LAN Parties

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The 2011 LAN Parties have been scheduled for White Mountain Library. Check back soon for the dates once everything is finalized!

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October LAN Party

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Hey everyone! The October LAN will be on the 15th and 16th!

Dress up as your favorite video game character! Perhaps we’ll have a costume contest. :)

See you there!

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April LAN Party Re-Scheduled!

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The April LAN Party has been rescheduled for the 23rd and 24th.

See you there!

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Teen Tech Week: Multi-LAN Gaming Event

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March 7-13, 2010 is the American Library Association’s “Teen Tech Week.” This year, the Sweetwater County Library System is hosting a multi-location LAN Party. Each of the three main branches, White Mountain Library, Sweetwater County Library, and Rock Springs Library will host their own mini-LAN starting at 6pm on Friday, March 12. While the libraries will be closed, gamers can still access the meeting rooms.

Every month, the White Mountain Library in Rock Springs hosts LAN Parties. People bring their own computers, game consoles, monitors, games, snacks, and caffeine. LAN stands for Local Area Network, and this means the computers and game consoles are connected to each other over a network. A LAN Party brings people together for 24 hours of competitive gaming. There are no restrictions on what games are played, and people can form their own tournaments. Each LAN Party is different, and the gamers never get bored. However, the libraries want to try something new.

The differences between the mini-LANs and the monthly LAN Parties are the mini-LANs will have library-provided computers, only one game will be played, and gamers will compete with everyone at each other library. No equipment is required, and gamers only need to bring themselves. There is no age limit for the mini-LANs, but teens from the ages of 15-18 are encouraged to attend.

The game for the mini-LANs will be Star Craft, a futuristic real time strategy game. It was originally released in 1998, and it has quickly become the standard for competitive gaming. For some countries, Star Craft is a sport just like football is to the USA. South Korea, for example, hosts tournaments where professional gamers compete to make a living. While our mini-LANs won’t be awarding cash prizes to our players, they can experience the social and competitive atmosphere of LAN Parties.

To add to the social aspect of the mini-LANs, webcams will be placed at each location. Players will be able to see their competitors at the other locations via live video on the projection screen. If someone destroys the base of another player at another building, players can see the reactions of their opponents.

Having a multi-location LAN Party would not be possible without the library’s fiber optic network. The bandwidth required to host several games, three video feeds, and other Internet traffic is more than DSL can provide. In fact, the fiber optic network could host hundreds of LAN games simultaneously.

Monthly LAN Parties will still continue as normal. The next regularly scheduled LAN Party is March 19 at 2pm at the White Mountain Library. If the multi-location event proves to be a great success, our monthly LANs may evolve into monthly multi-LANs.

More information about gaming in the Sweetwater County Library System can be found at http://gaming.sweetwaterlibraries.com or call David Halter at 307-362-2665 x5400. Information on other events, services, and library hours can be found at http://sweetwaterlibraries.com.

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Words From a Local Gamer

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Check out this article from ZombiePickle, a local gamer that attends many of our LAN Parties.


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